May 2020 Wrap Up

May 2020 has come and gone. Ok, it’s not technically over. Close enough.

Fun Fact? That means my husband and I will recently be celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary! Yay.

Anyway, the wrapup video just dropped (YES, I’m aware it’s not Tuesday) over on the YouTube channel. Here’s your insider information. 


  • I’m back to working part time in the bookstore which means I’m back to listening to audiobooks as I commute. Yet I didn’t read any more books than I have been reading. Which just goes to show when you read a lot already changing your format of reading doesn’t really change your total page consumption. Oh well!
  • This was filmed WAY LATER than normal. We actually missed our Tuesday upload. Why? Because I GOT NEW FLOORING!!! This is exciting because we’ve lived in the same house for around 15 years and we’ve HATED the carpet in there since day 1. It’s nice to have it finally gone. Sorry the video was late. Hey, you should follow me on Facebook or Instagram so you can see the pictures of this gorgeous flooring. Links to the pages should be on the sidebar of this webpage. 


25,526 words written (so far)

  • Highest writing day was May 4th when I wrote 3,551 words.
  • Overall, 7 days were above 1500 words and an additional 2 days were above 1000. Which is awful! Let’s be real, if I were doing daily or monthly goals, I would’ve failed this month. Whew, thank you year-long goals!
  • I averaged an abysmal 880 words per day in May.


Because I cannot resist analyzing this stuff. 

Genre Count

I’ve been on a mystery/thriller kick lately, which happens. Sometimes these trends are a result of the market, sometimes they’re a result of the specific review requests that have poured in, and sometimes they’re exclusively my mood. This time around it’s me! I can tell because it’s the BONUS BOOKS, the ones I’m not an advanced reader or an official reviewer for, that are upping that genre. Mood reading is a THING — I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this! 

Star Ratings

Absolutely no 1-star books this time around, which is pretty typical. I reserve those ratings for books I cannot recommend to anyone, which is rare. However, I did notice a huge portion of 2-star ratings. 23% is more than I’d like to find of those problematic titles. My 5-star was also pretty low this month, falling to around 15%. Again, this is likely owing to the fact that I’m looking for books that appeal to readers of multiple genres. Most of this chart (everything but the 2-star section) represents books that are GOOD but some just may be more genre specific than others. Overall, not a terrible reading month. 

38% of what I read this month was independently published. 

That’s less than it was last month, but still not bad. I enjoy supporting other independent writers and getting books reviewed around here. 


  • I am FAILING at getting the reviews for the shield challenges up on time. Again one of them will likely be up in June at this point. UGH
  • This was probably my roughest month yet. I’m aware that I saved myself by being ahead of the game for the first few months of 2020 but this can’t keep happening!
  • I have GOT to get a schedule together for when I’m reading, writing, and editing around my part time jobs! That’s June’s unwritten plan. Hold me accountable to it. 
  • I’m calling this month a fail … but it’s still redeemable. Thank goodness for year long goals!


Check out the rest of the 2020 goals and how I’m looking overall. 

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