September Wrap Up

  • 11 Books 
  • 3,231 Pages
  • 107 Pages per day (high-five that unofficial goal)


I don’t have official reading per day/month goals. I have a year long goal (104 books) which breaks down to 2 per week. Sometimes I’m ahead. Sometimes I’m behind. Also, in a perfect world I’d read about 100 pages a day (preference) but sometimes life gets in the way. So when I reference my silent goals or my unofficial goals … I probably mean these. 


  • 4 Mystery/Thriller
  • 1 Classic
  • 1 Historical Fiction
  • 3 Fantasy
  • 2 Science Fiction

I guess I was in a spooky mood after all! I really enjoy a good mystery/thriller. I knew they’d made a comeback in my 2022 reads eventually.


  • 1 Middle Grade
  • 4 Young Adult
  • 6 Adult


  • 7 Borrowed from the library or someone else
  • 5 Purchased outright over the years

This is actually tough this month. 3 of the books I purchased as paperbacks and then borrowed from the library as audiobooks. I actually LISTENED to more of those than I READ so I counted them as borrowed. For reference, I borrowed 1 hardcover from someone and the rest were audiobooks from the library. I purchased 2 paperbacks and the rest were ebooks.

  • 4 Independently Published
  • 7 Backlist Titles

Need a Rec?

5 Star Run Out and Get These Books:

  • The Roots That Clutch, YA Fantasy. This amazing story takes place in a completely fictional world but it’s packed with themes and realistic characters that make you feel like it’s happening right now. Worth the read, for sure!

4 Star Worth Reading if you like this Genre:

  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, MG Classic. Worth the time to read the original to get the scenes (like the river crossing scene) that didn’t make the movie. 
  • The Lost Sisters, YA Fantasy. Technically a novella this one is worth the read if you feel like you need just a bit more of the Cruel Prince world. Actually, it’s also worth a read if you like villain novels or darker novels. 
  • Girls of Paper and Fire, YA Fantasy. Fiercely independent characters and a unique set up for a fantasy tale make this one a solid read.
  • Seeds of Vengeance, A Mystery/Thriller. This series follows a reporter who has a knack for getting herself a little too involved in the cases with a love interest that makes readers swoon. Great blend of romance and mystery.
  • Shadow Pandemic, A Science Fiction. Set in a post COVID world where something has created zombie, this one is terrifying and worth the read!

Anyway, those are the September stats. Follow the NEW bookish Instagram (alltherightreads) for more!

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