Week Four

Holiday Traditions We have a LOT of those around this family. Here's a few: Christmas Jammies-Each member of the family opens ONE package before going to bed on Christmas Eve. It's ALWAYS Christmas Pajamas.Christmas Eve Game Night-Each Christmas Eve we have a BIG get together. Everyone brings a dish to share so there's plenty of... Continue Reading →

Week Three

A memory or story? Well I tell those all the time! Let's see if I can come up with one that I've never written about on here before.  San Diego My husband and I took my kids on an amazing vacation to San Diego in 2014. We had plans to stay in a nice hotel,... Continue Reading →

30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 23

Dear Kids, Today we are on vacation. Years from now you'll probably look back on it and remember the ocean trip, when we talked up and down the beach with our sneakers strung over our shoulders. Maybe you'll remember that we had to climb down from the parking lot onto the beach. You were so... Continue Reading →


I usually write posts about writing. Today isn't going to be one of those. Today is going to be one of the ones that talks about my personal life experiences a little bit. I write what it feels like I need to write around here. Maybe someone out there needs to read this one. I... Continue Reading →

New Normal

When someone in your life dies, especially if it happens suddenly, your life has to adjust and find a new normal.

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